19 April 2010

Put Two More on the Board

I received word today (through Alison, of course!) that the Phillies (Go Braves!) and Indians have offered tickets on the days that I'll be visiting their fine ballparks.  From Jeff Sibel, the Indians Media Relations Manager:  "The Cleveland Indians would be happy to leave tickets for Kevin and would also like to extend an invitation to have Kevin and his guest(s) view the Indians batting practice and meet some of our players from the field before the game."

A big thanks to Jeff (Chief Wahoo?) with the Indians and Scott Palmer, Director of Public Affairs with the Phils.  You know, if they once booed Santa Claus in Philly, do you think they'd boo me as a Braves fan in hostile territory?  Ha, either way, it should be a great time for Jay and me there.  I'm currently looking for a few good men to step up and join me for the second leg of the trip in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Chicago (the second time).  

It's safe to say that things couldn't be going better at this point.  Things are really surpassing my wildest expectations at this point.  I just thought this was a pie-in-the-sky kind of fantasy trip, but it's just absolutely taking off.  My sincerest thanks to all so far!


  1. People are stepping up and trying to make your dream come true. I have several feelers out for you and will let you know as soon as I know. Keep praying. Love you bunches!!

  2. THANK YOU so much for serving in our military !!! we are grateful for all that you do !!
    we LIVE in cleveland and would be happy to WELCOME you in our home OR put you up at the Radisson right across the street from the Baseball park. (radisson is run by Vern Fuller, former indians player, 60's)
    we are also trying to hook you up in Chicago with the Cubs, can they just post ??
    feel free to email or call us: brad and laura lauradiva@aol.com or 216 272 4377 cell