01 April 2010

Double Off the Fence

Things are certainly looking good at this point.  A dear friend of mine, let's call him "Jay" (probably because that's his name), has agreed to join me for my fantastic journey.  For this I am eternally grateful.  He has also had his minions (thank you Alison!) get in contact with the Bravos PR department (and no Alison, you're not actually a "minion").  They responded in kind by offering tickets and other amenities.  Those amenities would be, and I quote, "we can also work out some other special experience for him… meeting some players, being recognized during the game on BravesVision, etc."  To say that I was ecstatic upon reading this would be a vast understatement.  Etymologists are currently concocting a new word to describe my elation.  I will have many people to thank for all of this, and one day, I'll get to all of them.  The generosity of all these friends and strangers may take years to repay, but I'll do my best.

Now, if you'll notice, Atlanta was not on my schedule of baseball stops.  This isn't because I have no desire to go to Atlanta (obviously), but rather out of necessity.  In order to see as many sites as possible, it is almost imperative to hit the northeast United States.  However, all East Coast R&R returnees from the Middle East return to one city, regardless of final destination.  Care to guess which city that is?  Why, that would be Hot-lanta!  So, I now plan to kick things off in Atlanta and then fly to Milwaukee or Chicago or wherever to start the rest of the trip.  

I saw "wherever" because planning things down to the minute detail are problematic at best when the Army's Rest and Recuperation Leave program are concerned.  My leave may be scheduled to start on May 29, but that doesn't guarantee that I will be in Atlanta on that date.  Therefore, I have to ask for everyone's flexibility in all this planning.  I will do my absolute darndest to be there when I say I will.  If any of you have followed my travails with travel on this deployment so far, you know that catching flights with the United States Air Force can be painstaking.  

I will provide further details on my whereabouts and plans as soon as I know them.  If you'll notice the countdown, it's only 58 more days until first pitch for this soldier, and suffice to say, getting any real work done has been difficult here, as all I can think of these days are peanuts, cracker jacks, and a Jason Heyward bomb.  

Thanks again to all of you.  Your help in everything so far has been nothing short of miraculous.  I pray I get to meet every single person that helps me in this quest and offer each of you my most sincere gratitude.  

Now let's turn two...

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