26 March 2010

One Ball, No Strikes

Today, I was almost completely unable to focus on getting any real work done whatsoever.  My only objective for most of the day was planning out my route and itinerary for seeing as much baseball as possible in as many different cities as possible.  The following is my tentative route:

May 29:  Milwaukee, Brewers/Mets - Miller Park
May 30:  Chicago, Cards/Cubs - Wrigley Field
May 31:  Detroit, A's/Tigers - Comerica Park
June 1: Pittsburgh, Cubs/Pirates - PNC Park
June 2: New York, Orioles/Yanks - New Yankee Stadium (sadly, I'm two years too late for the House That Ruth Built)
June 3: Boston, A's/Red Sox - Fenway Park
June 4: Philadelphia, Padres/Phillies - Citizens Bank Park
June 5:  This is where things get a little hazy.  I've already been to Camden Yards, back in 2005.  Who were they playing that day?  The Boston Red Sox.  Who are they playing on this day?  The Boston Red Sox.  The universe may be conspiring against me.  I may go on to DC for the Reds/Nationals game that day.  If I decide to take in the game in Baltimore, I'll hit DC the next day.

The Braves play in Los Angeles that weekend, so it is tempting to fly across the country and hit the west coast swing for a few days.  I may have to play this one by ear for now.  Please feel free to comment on this itinerary or offer your own suggestions.

25 March 2010

First Pitch From the Rookie...

Allow myself to introduce.... myself.  For those of you who don't know me, my name is Kevin Kirk, and as of this moment, I am serving in the United States Army currently in Afghanistan. 

A few nights ago, I was laying in bed, thinking of what I wanted to do for my upcoming rest and recuperation leave that is provided to each and every soldier serving in a combat zone.  I am entitled to 15 days off with a free airline ticket to anywhere in the world to boot.  I've been telling all my family and friends that I planned to go to Europe for the first time in my life and see all the things there I've wanted to see for so long.  For many months now, I've thought it would be a terrific idea, as it would be my best opportunity so far in my life to visit Europe.  There's one problem.  I want, more than anything, to experience such a journey with someone or many someones.  Seeing how most everyone I know these days either has financial issues (too few dollars) or family issues (too many chillens'), I've decided to postpone the Eurotrip to another day when I can enjoy it with someone special.

That realization led me to my master plan.  Ever since I was a little boy, I've always envisioned seeing as many of America's baseball cathedrals as humanly possible.  Baseball has always been near and dear to my heart, as many who know me can attest.  There's almost nothing I would rather do than watch my beloved Atlanta Braves at Turner Field on a warm summer's evening with good friends.

Being away from the nation that I love so much for the past five months has made me realize how much I take for granted.  I truly miss the freedom of our country and it's fine, caring citizens.  I want to be amongst all of you for my two weeks away from the 'stan.

This is where you come in dear reader.  I'm asking for your help in my baseball crusade.  It can be a ride to the next city, a place to stay, a hot meal, a nosebleed ticket, some cheap local media exposure, or just someone to hang out with.  All I want is to experience my baseball dream for two weeks this summer.  I plan to start in the northeast and work my way southward as far as ordinary Americans can carry me.  In short, I want to experience the summer of a lifetime with good friends or total strangers who become lifelong comrades.  If you know anyone who can help me on the journey, I'm sincerely asking for your generosity.

The success of failure of this trek is entirely up to you.  If it gains traction, then we can all experience the shared excitement.  If it doesn't, that's ok too.  I'll head home and visit with the family for a few weeks. This whole thing was just a crazy idea I had one night laying in the bed.  It's up to you whether it turns into reality or merely remains a dream to be played out another day. 

Thanks for your time, and God bless you and the great United States of America.

Now, let's play ball...