29 April 2010

Go Crazy Folks, Go Crazy!

Lots of things have been happening behind the scenes.  Jay has been in contact with Meagan Swingle of the Braves, who has gotten us seats in the 755 Club at Turner Field for the game on May 28th.  We will then be receiving the "StubHub upgrade of the game" which includes a shot on BravesVision and recliner seats in section 307.  This is on top of the 4 field passes for watching BP before the game.  Frickin' sweet if you ask me; thanks for the hookup Meagan!  Now if you could just hook the Braves up with a win...

Also, my Mom got me in touch with Mr. Jim Gideon who has graciously gotten us a hotel room in Cincinnati only a mile from Great American Ballpark.  Much thanks to you sir!  Also through Mom, we've gotten a swanky place to stay in Westchester, NY for the Yankees game.  A certain Mr. Nick Johnson, who some of you may know as a current Yankee 1B/DH, has also offered tickets to the game to yours truly.  Hopefully, I'll get to meet Nick and thank him personally for the gracious offer.  All this goes without saying, much thanks to my wonderful Mum.

So much news since I last posted, and I do have more.  Mrs. Laura Pedersen and her husband, Mr. Brad Roller, have offered us a hotel or a home in Cleveland for the Red Sox/Indians game.  We're just waiting to hear the final details on that one.  Thanks a million guys!

On top of all the travel arrangements being made, there are some media and promotion opportunities out there as well.  Details to come on that front when I have all the info.

All this is great news of course.  It's reasons like this why I wanted to take this trip in the first place.  It's proof-positive why America is the kindest, warmest, and friendliest nation on the planet.  It's why I'm so proud to serve her in her time of need.  The generosity of the average American is far and away greater than anywhere else on the planet.  Folks, these are all complete strangers who are reaching out to help me make a crazy idea come true and I am eternally grateful.  I'll be leaving my current base in just over two weeks and am looking forward to getting this thing started.  I've got to make a few stops before I hit the US of A, but can hardly wait to see her again.  Until next time, PLEASE GET THE BRAVES A WIN.

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  1. Wow that's pretty incredible! So glad you're getting to do all of this and I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it! Love you!