24 April 2010

The Lineup is Set!

So upon our request Kevin so graciously gave Alison and I access to post on the blog! Hopefully, for your sake, you wont be hearing much from me... I figured since I could, I'd give the blog thing a shot. Plesae keep the criticism to yourself, especially you Alison, I just dont have time in my life to listen to it! ;)

As we continue to make progress on with all of the MLB teams we plan to visit, my excitement began to get the best of me. Originally, I was planning to join Kevin from ATL to DC. However, after discussion with my boss and my girlfriend, im in it for the long haul. Yes thats right Kev, 14 straight days of lil ole me. Not mention the circa 3,000 miles we plan to cover in that rental car. WAHAHAHAHA. We are really going to love or hate each other by the end of this thing, we shall see.

Anyway, what I wanted to update on is that Kevin's other friend (not only i assure you) Kyle will be joining us from Milwaukee to Detroit before returning home to his family. I look forward to meeting Kyle, mostly because he now owes me money...ha I officially booked our flights today from ATL-MKE on Airtran #420 at 130pm. That should put us there in plenty of time to hit up the beer and brats before the game at 6pm. This thing is on like Donkey Kong people and we appreciate everyone who has already contributed and plans to help out along the journey. There will be a list of credits a mile long at the end and we cant thank you enough for making this a very special 2 weeks for my boy Kevin.
One more thing before I shut up. Check out the map with all the stops and try not to call us crazy for even attemping this. The next post, assuming my rights arent revoked , will be shorter and similarly ineloquent im sure. Thanks for my chance people.

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  1. We were happy to offer Kevin and Peake, two outstanding young men, two of our seats at the June 6th Nationals game in D.C. Have fun on your awesome baseball adventure. And, Kevin, stay safe on your journey back to Afghanistan...and back to the USA.

    Richard G.