16 April 2010

Bottom of the Fourth

As it stands now, I'd have to say we're batting about .750 with RISP (like Jason Heyward no less).  We have places to stay in all cities except for Detroit, Cleveland, and New York.  Everyone has really stepped up to the plate so far.  We've got tickets in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and DC so far, with hopefully more coming in the next few days.  Again, if you know anyone that will put us up for a night in any of these places, a phone call or email would be greatly appreciated.  Jay will be leaving after the game in DC and I will continue on to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago, then to Milwaukee to drop the rental car off.  We'll save some serious moola by dropping the car off there, thus making it a round trip charge and not a one-way.  Speaking of our rental car, we have a feeler out now with Enterprise, so maybe some kind of sponsorship or discount could be in the works.  I probably just jinxed it by mentioning it, but I don't believe in superstitions (as I knock on wood). 

Anyway, just wanted to give all four of you who read this a heads up on where things stand now.  This bandwagon is still accepting applications for anyone who can join us for a leg of the trip.  I think I can smell the hot dogs and Bud Light from here... :)


  1. Hey now, you have at least 6 fans! Don't minimalize us! Love you! Happy you're getting so much support!

  2. Then why aren't you a follower? You could boost my numbers tremendously!!

  3. You've got more people reading this than you know! We've "got people" working on the remaining places for you. Keep praying and see how God answers prayers.