30 April 2010

Go Crazy (part duex): Even Crazier!

Howdy from the ATL. I also have a few updates, and as promised will keep it short and sweet this time!

We now officially have a hotel in Boston via the extreme generosity of Mr. Neil Kelley. Neil is the business colleague of one of my co-workers, Chef Bob Derian. Mr. Kelley has reserved and purchased a night for Kevin and me at the Marriott Copley Place in downtown Boston which is a very short walk from Fenway! Neil, I hope we get to meet you during our stint in beantown, and we certainly owe you a frothy beverage if we can make that happen!

On a similar note my boy here at the office, Mark "THE SHARK" Bashuk reached deep into the bag o' tricks that he possesses and procured a device that will be essential to the success of not only this blog, but the lasting memories that will be created from this journey and shared for eons. Thanks to Mark, we will be able to bring you daily(and nightly) picture and video updates from the Flip Ultra that we will be carrying with us on the trip. Its easy to carry and easy to use. Also the potential for a full length motion picture if all goes well... ok maybe not but it sure will be fun, thanks a ton Mark!
The inaugural video, starring Alison, Mark and myself can be found here (it's a little blurry until I take off the lens film):

So I lied about the short part, I promise I tried...

later people,


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