01 June 2010

Top of the First

Pirates/Braves Photos
The trip kicked off last night at the Ted with Jay, Alison, Greg, and myself getting whisked into the 755 Club, where we received our VIP passes from Erin Sheehan of the Braves.  From there, we took a guided tour of the Braves Museum and Hall of Fame then proceeded down to field level to watch the Braves take batting practice, exxxxcept the Braves didn’t take BP thanks to the long rain delay the night before in Florida that forced them to arrive in Atlanta at about 5 in the morning.  No big deal, as the pitchers were out throwing in right field.  We can’t control everything, right?  Braves starting pitcher Tommy Hanson was working out on the field and came over to say hello. 

He’s quite a tall drink of water.  Braves closer Billy Wagner also came by shortly after.  Sadly, those were the only Braves players I got to meet.  The Pirates did however take BP, although briefly because of the oncoming rain.  I was also fortunate enough to meet Garrett Jones of the Pirates.  As soon as the rain started and the tarp was pulled, we went up to the 755 Club for food and drinks to wait out the rain delay. 

Once the game finally started an hour and a half late, I was directed to the top of the stadium above left field to be featured on BravesVision to tell everyone about our fantastic trip over the next two weeks.  For being subjected to such persecution, we were given two StubHub upgraded seats in some fancy recliners on the club level.  Personally, I didn’t want all the recognition for everything.  I just wanted to enjoy a home game with my friends and watch some baseball.  But it’s ok, I can put up with the dog and pony bit for awhile if it helps us out for our trip. 

We briefly visited our upgraded seats, complete with Chick-Fil-A sandwich and fries coupons, then returned to join the rest of our party in right field, which is where I wanted to be all along.  The whole experience was an absolute blast, and the Braves even offered to do the whole thing again since the rain and travel kinda messed things up, which they certainly don’t have to do on my part.  I know they can’t control the weather and don’t hold it against them, but of course, you will have to twist my arm to get met back on the field with the Bravos :)

We currently on the flight to Milwaukee to pick up the rental car and (hopefully) head to the Miller Brewing Company to take a tour of their fine establishment before heading to Miller Park where the New York Metropolitans take on the hometown Brew Crew.

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  1. Kevin this is so neat!!! I am so excited for you!!!!! I love that you have a blog to tell all about it!!