27 May 2010

Game Time

Somewhere I hear some lame patriotic music playing, maybe "Coming to America" by Neil Diamond.  Yeah, that one.  Regardless, I am back in the land of the free and it's just phenomenal.  Everything is good to go for the game tomorrow night.  We'll be arriving early for BP around 4:30, with everyone else ideally showing up around 6 pm at the Hank Aaron statue in the Plaza to meet Bart with the tickets.  If you're not there by 6:45, he'll leave the tickets at Will Call. 

Apparently I have some interviews to do before the game with a few outlets.  More details as I get them.  Jay, Alison, Greg, and I will be going to dinner tonight and I'm sure a big topic of discussion will be further details on the trip.  I just really wanted to get it out there that I'm back home and ready to do this shindig.  Again, thanks to the many of you who have made it happen!


  1. Saw you on the jumbotron last night at Turner Field. Awesome trip you've got ahead of you. Glad we could serve up a beat-down for you. Enjoy, and thanks for your service!

  2. I just heard your story on the Tigers broadcast here on Memorial Day 2010, and I knew I had to come to your blog and thank you for your service. As the son of a Marine veteran, I understand the sacrifice you make, though I'll never truly know. Thank you again, and God bless your on your fantastic baseball journey and in service.

  3. Looking forward to keeping up with your trip. My husband & I are friends of your mom. Have fun and THANK YOU for your service to our country! Jo Anne & David Green