16 June 2010

A Perfect Game

Oh so many memories, so little time.  It seems like yesterday that the trip started and suddenly I'm back in Afghanistan.  It was truly the greatest two weeks of my life and I've taken more memorable moments from this trip than anyone should be legally allowed to.

I won't or can't thank everyone by name in this space, but to the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of you who helped us in the planning/execution of the trip; to all who said "thanks for your service"; to all who bought us a beer or wished us the best of luck.... I thank you.  Those words seem so inadequate and trite, but I don't even know what else to say.  You all know who you are and you have my eternal gratitude.  I'd love to rattle off everyone that I could think of but I'd undoubtedly leave someone off, which would make me feel terrible.  Just know you're all in my heart and good things HAVE to come your way in the future :)

On the drive between Cincinnati and Cleveland, I took out the laptop to start compiling some stats from all the games we had been to, just for trivial sake.  This was also one of the rare occasions that I allowed Jay to drive.  I REALLY miss that Camaro...  But anyway, onto the stats:

As for travel, we went roughly 2800 miles in 14 days, not counting our flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee, staying in or passing through 17 states plus the District (GA, WI, IL, IN, MI, OH, PA, NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA, DE, MD, VA, DC, WV, KY).

As for the baseball numbers, the home team finished with a record of 7-8.  The Cubs had a chance to put the home team on top against the White Sox, but in the end, failed kinda like Aramis Ramirez's batting average (dude, .168?).  The home teams actually had a four game losing streak, with the O's, Nationals, Pirates (the lone Cubs win on the trip, going 1-3), and Reds dropping consecutive home contests.

In total, there were 134 runs scored on 274 hits, with the A's/Red Sox game taking the title of highest scoring and hitting with 17 runs and 32 hits combined.  It also took the title for home runs (7), doubles (10), and total bases (63).  Those seven home runs were just some of the 31 round trippers we saw, including grand slams by Travis Hafner of the Indians and Corey Hart of the Brewers. 

Who would've thought than an American League game would be the most futile offensively and the quickest?  Both titles go to the Tigers/White Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field, with the lowest numbers in runs (3), hits (8), doubles (actually tied with another American League game with one), total bases (15), and time (2 hours, 15 minutes).

The two most lightly attended games were both Pirates affairs (there you go Pirate fans, a title you can hang your hat on finally), with both matchups against the Cubs drawing 11,334 and 12, 768.  Maybe it was just the Cubs lackadaisical play considering their $140 million payroll?  Nah, it's just the Pirates.

So in total, the raw numbers go as follows:  134 runs, 274 hits, 10 errors, 224 men left on base, 31 home runs, 68 doubles, 6 triples, 111 walks, 8 batters hit, 25 stolen bases, 9 caught stealing, 446 total bases (almost 7.5 runs/game), and 25 double plays grounded into.  We watched 15 games amongst 438, 679 fans in over 43.7 hours and 136 innings.  Too much baseball?  NEVER!

Again, the trip of a lifetime, and one I'd like to replicate on the West Coast and the Midwest very soon.  Thanks again to all of you who followed along and lived this thing vicariously through us.  It was truly a joint effort.

Also, I don't believe I ever posted the link for the article in the Montgomery Advertiser, so here 'ya go...

Montgomery Advertiser article from 30 May

Oh, and to Alison:  I believe I said something to you earlier about getting you a Cadillac if you pulled all this off?  Well here you go...

This is one of the latrines in Qatar, specifically at Al-Udeid Airbase.  Why we call them Cadillacs, I don't know.  But I promised you a Caddy, so there you go!  A fine present for a job well done :)


  1. Wow, those stats made my head hurt! So glad you had such an awesome time! And I still hate I didn't get to see you, but fortunately you'll be home soon. Sorta. Love you!

  2. Yes! I am very excited about the Cadillac! Luckily we have enough room in our backyard for that...

    Glad it went so well. And glad I could do a little to help :)