12 May 2010

The Northside and the Southside

As I sit down to catch the White Sox/Twins game in primetime (Afghan time), it reminds me that I need to post something about our recent conquest in the Windy City.  Mrs. Rhona DiCamillo came to our rescue and offered us a place to stay in her house after we arrive late from Milwaukee.  She was also kind enough to procure tickets for Jay and I to the White Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field at the hind end of our trip.  We've also recently gotten in touch with the Sox and if they also provide us with tickets, then perhaps Rhona could be our guest at the ballpark.  Either way, we are extremely grateful for her hospitality and are looking forward to our multiple stops in America's third largest city.  

It's now 15 days until we kick this thing off in Atlanta on the 28th.  If you plan to join us for the Southern Swing, please let me know ASAP.  We can get more tickets if necessary, but it needs to be handled sooner rather than later. 

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